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Paleo Cookie

Paleo Cookie

Kathleen made Paleo Cookies and they were tasty. Recipe is on

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Cook Book of Famous Recipes

Cook Book of Famous Recipes

What does this 60-year-old gem contain?

Hors’ D’oeuvres, Pickles, Relishes: eight recipes, including corn chip dip (ranch-style beans, margarine, cheese and onion) and tomato "catsup."

Soups and Salads: four soups, seventeen salads ("Frozen Pink Perfection Salad") and six dressings.

Meat, Fish, Poultry: one and one-half pages on methods, five fish dishes (three of them for tuna), five meat-and-pasta dishes, eleven meat dishes ("Spanish Liver," "Scarlet Crown Meat Ring") and one vegetarian dish ("Rice and Nut Loaf").

Vegetables: One page of methods: "AIR, HEAT and WATER are enemies to most of the vitamins and minerals found in vegetables"; two potato and two sweet potato recipes, recipes for beets, corn, cabbage, green beans and carrots; the "White House Dish" and three sauces.

Paleo-Dietary Trigger Warning: Breads Are Next!

Eight breads ("Southern Spoon Bread"), eight rolls ("All-Bran Refrigerator Rolls"), three biscuits, Swedish Tea Ring, Hushpuppies.

Pastries: Eight pies ("Scotch Date Pie," "Lemon Ten-B-Low Pie," "Black Bottom Pie"), Lemon Mincemeat.

Cakes: One page of methods (baking sounds precarious!); "1st Prize White Cake No. 1," "1st Prize White Cake No. 2," "1st Prize White Cake No. 3," seventeen other cakes, including Jam Cake with Jam Filling, "Orange Delight Cake," and "Cherry Cake," plus one loaf and one roll.

Icings and Fillings : twelve frostings most notably "$100.00 Cake Frosting," and "Jelly Frosting" and four fillings ("Divinity Filling for Layer Cake"); this is the only section with handwritten notes.

Cookies: seven cookies, including "Gumdrop Cookies" with shredded gum drops ("no black ones"), fruit cake bars, brownies and chocolate wafers.

Candy: the cold-water test: soft ball, medium-soft ball, firm ball, hard ball, light crack, medium crack and hard crack, just like you do at home every time you make candy, right? Six "candies," including candied grapefruit peel and sugared nuts.

Sandwiches: "General Hints: To keep for several hours, . . . arrange cold sandwiches on plate, cover tightly with waxed paper, wrap the plates in dampened towels, and store in refrigerator or cool place until ready for serving." Categories: tea sandwiches, "hearty sandwiches served with potato chips," including "Deviled Hamburgers."

Desserts: sixteen mostly refrigerator and freezer dishes featuring cream and fruits: "Pink Angels," "Flame Plum Pudding," and "Delicious Dessert," cream cheese, honey and sour cream, mixed, chilled and served with crushed fruit.

Household Hints: "When something is burned in the oven, open the door and sprinkle salt or cinnamon, the latter will give a more pleasing aroma." "Scissors can be sharpened by cutting through fine sandpaper several times."


Conclusion? Sixty years ago people liked pies, cakes, cookies, candy and desserts as much as we do today, except their love was more innocent for being uninformed by today’s nutritional angst.

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Rogan Josh Diptych 1

Rogan Josh Diptych 1


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