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Chocolate Pound Cake Recipe

Chocolate Pound Cake Recipe

This chocolate cake recipe is delicious. We love a buttery and dense pound cake, but we thought a chocolate version would be even better so we folded lots of dark cocoa into the batter to give it a deep chocolate flavor. After the cake is baked and cooled, it’s drizzled with a chocolate glaze made from semisweet chocolate, cream, and a bit of corn syrup to keep the glaze gooey and shiny. This moist, rich, yet lightly textured cake makes a great hostess gift or is right at home on a holiday dessert table.

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[COOKED] Sham + kale musubi (May bonus!)

[COOKED] Sham + kale musubi (May bonus!)

(This promptly fell apart, so I made the rest into fried rice, but in case:)

(the musubi fell apart because millet is not sticky enough to hold form. If you’re intent on musubi, maybe try Amaranth or straight up sushi rice)
– Japonica rice
– Millet
– Goji berries

– Vegan ham, a.k.a. sham (sliced into slabs)
– Equal parts Chinese flour sauce and maple syrup
– Red pepper flakes

– Kale, chopped finely
– Sesame oil

1. Steam the rice and let it sit out to cool (do not put this in the fridge! It becomes too brittle for sushi)
2. Sautee kale with sesame oil
3. Mix all of the sham sauce ingredients together, add water to thin and then simmer the sham in the sauce till most of it is absorbed
4. With a musubi mold, layer the rice on bottom, kale in the center and sham on top.

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Greek Turkey, Rice and Feta Casserole…This healthy casserole is full of lean protein and whole grains. 270 calories and 7 Weight Watchers PP | #recipe

Greek Turkey, Rice and Feta Casserole...This healthy casserole is full of lean protein and whole grains.  270 calories and 7 Weight Watchers PP | #recipe…

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The finished paella! The recipe is dead simple, and while it may not be a real paella (no seafood, for example), it’s still very tasty.

You need maybe 200g of pork, 7 or 8 cherry tomatoes and 3 eringi (king trumpet) mushrooms. Also, garlic and onions. Saffron is optional if you’re on a tight budget.

Let 2 cups of rice soak in water for about 15 minutes.

Halve the tomatoes and slice the mushrooms lengthwise. Chop up the garlic and the onions, and cut up the pork into bite-sized pieces.

Prepare a large coffee cup with the "soup" – a cup of hot water, two chicken bouillon cubes and the saffron.

Get some olive oil hot in the pan and sautee the garlic, followed closely by the onions. Brown the pork.

Put the rice in the pan, followed by the "soup." Lay out the mushrooms and the tomatoes on top, cover and cook for 15 minutes. Then turn off the heat and let sit for another ten.

Share and enjoy….

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Wedding cake with roses and ribbons

Wedding cake with roses and ribbons


EAT! Vancouver
BC Place Stadium
Vancouver, BC

May 22nd-24th, 2009

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